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AEP Line
Learn more about our background. About the name AEP and the AEP collection.


As a member of the startup FOND OF, we entered the race in 2015 with the AEP brand. Over time, we have found promising access to the business and travel bag market and recognized the international potential of our idea behind AEP. Our vision of representing a new breed of business backpacks, luggage and accessories has led us to further sharpen our brand. With the aim of making the brand name for the targeted internationalization more unique, we decided to rename AEP to SALZEN. Now we are clearing out all the stock to create space for SALZEN! For a short time, you can get the AEP styles now at a special price.


SALZEN (formerly AEP) is a brand of FOND OF. It all began in 2010 with ergonomically designed, sustainably produced school backpacks. In the meantime, the former start-up has become a dynamic company with seven independent brands. Driven by the vision of offering exceptional backpack concepts for all areas of application. All the products we work on are characterized by high quality, responsible manufacturing and special demands on functionality and design.