business-punk freedom flight

Das Start-Up Label SALZEN steht für NEW WORK und kombiniert maximale Business-Funktion mit reduziertem Design. Innovative, extra flache Träger treffen auf feinstes, narbenfreies Rindsleder. Für die Stadtmenschen von heute.

+ Limited Edition. Solange der Vorrat reicht.
+ Funktionalität in bestem Design

Zur Limited Edition
business-punk product

Features at a glance

business-punk square 1400x1400 zipper
Special Zipper

Only in the Limited Edition: flowing impression due to inside-out processing and silky matt coating.

More features
business-punk square 1400x1400 function
Business Functions

"Mini office" functions, direct access to laptop and document compartment, lots of storage space

business-punk square 1500x1500 strap
Innovative Straps

Extremely flat, close fit, sporty wearing comfort

Feel the comfort

Free Add-On

business-punk square 1400x1400 bp-content alternative neu
Free issue of the magazin

The Limited Edition comes with a free print edition of the magazin BUSINESS PUNK. If you wish, you can register for a free digital edition after purchase.

For the Freedom of Hands.