A perfect balance of premium materials and sustainability is what we strive for at SALZEN. We are very precise and demanding in our sourcing process only choosing materials which convince us visually, haptically and qualitatively. Straight from the beginning we have been using PET-recycled fabrics and we are also working hard on vegan backpack models. We obtain our leathers exclusively from Germany and certified tanneries in the EU, which produce in an eco-friendly and resource-saving manner. The coatings we use are water-based and PFC-free, maximizing the already high robustness and durability of our backpacks.


Functionality meets elegance: The ultra soft and lightweight NEO SUIT material is made of 100% durable nylon. Densely knitted, the material gives our backpacks an innovative surface that is both extremely robust and elegant. The water-repellent fabric comes in the three different Colorways Phantom Black, Olive Grey and Hammada Brown and makes our backpacks easy to combine with various outfits.


Industrial Look: The Solid X fabric is made of 100% nylon, which gives our backpacks a pleasantly stable feel and high durability. Its 3-dimensional structure makes the bluesign® certified fabric an elegant eye-catcher. Signed with a handshake: SOLID X takes its name from an old but still valued trade practice. When sealing a contract by shaking hands, the crossing thumbs of both parties form an "X".


Ingenious design: Our bluesign® certified TWEET fabric is made of 56% PET-recycled polyester, which leads to a natural, woollike feel and highest durability. The PFC-free yet water-repellent fabrics are characterized by a special two-tone yarn combination, which sometimes turns out grey and sometimes turns out brown depending on the incidence of light. 


Each style a unicum: BLACK PRINT is a highly innovative performance fabric with a unique aesthetic. The german patented PU-coating provides a leather-like feel with maximum robustness against abrasion and humidity. Convinced that everything we do leaves traces, BLACK PRINT is made where high-quality leather components for Audi and Porsche are normally cutted. Each backpack from the limited collection is unique, each cut in the upper tells the story of a different sports car.


A reflective fabric that shows its full potential only in the dark. Engineered and manufactured in France, LUCID consists of a variety of tiny glass balls covered with an innovative and a waterbased PU coating. With its matt-grayish, elegant surface, the fabric resembles our high-quality leather backpacks – in contact with a light source, LUCID becomes a highly reflective eye-catcher and gives you highest visibility at dark.


CLEAR NAPPA is an ultra smooth ECCO® leather with an even appearance. The natural feel of the leather is preserved by the unembossed surface. The bullskin leather used comes from Europe and is tanned in accordance with the highest environmental standards. CLEAR NAPPA is dyed through, PFC-free yet water-repellent and gets a unique patina over time.


SOFT NUBUK is a high-quality and terracare® certified nubuck leather, ultra soft and unlike any other leather in the bag segment. The unique bullskin leather is from European origin and is tanned in Germany under consideration of highest environmental standards. The leather is dyed through, PFC-free and water-repellent.

hellbraunes Leder mit perforierter Optik


With loving attention to detail: GRID is a high quality and terracare® certified nubuck leather with an iconic surface embossing that gives it a unique look. The embossing is not fully perforated, so that the leather retains its naturally high tear resistance. With its mild coloring GRID makes our backpacks an elegant and timeless companion.


Stop where the music plays. ICONIC NOTCH is another unique nubuck leather with an outstanding surface embossing. With its optical appearance and its riffle-look, the material reminds of a vinyl record, making styles in Aligned Smoke a must-have for real music lovers. The high-quality bull leather is of European origin, terracare® certified and tanned in Germany in an environmentally conscious manner.


The inner linings of both our fabric and leather backpacks is made from high quality and durable yarn, which is 100% PET recycled. Guess what? Our travel accessories such as the packing system Pack & Compress are not only super smart and helpful on travels, but also made of PET-recycled yarn.